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Just in Time - Some (incomplete) links and hints regarding the JIT compiler functionality of Mb3D v190

Just want to sum up my current favorite topic, the Just-in-time (JIT) introduced with Mandelbulb 3D v190.


Feature of one new dA member, and two more formulas I have uploaded - details see the points below...


Relevant threads , and child boards on
If you should find bugs, or if you should have feature requests - the MB3D program child board does contain appropriate sections!

Developer's notes:
My resources:
  • Basic Intro Mb3D Formula Editor and JIT Compiler  --
    Contains a pdf (downloadable) with a basic tutorial to the formula compiler (and shows how to write an own formula)
  • JIT Formula Pack and Samples 1 - Basics  --
    Contains some more basic Mb3D formulas, and samples:
    You can download a zip with 11 formula files (*.m3f), and 20 parameter files (m3p) which use those formulas.
    If you want to try, then place the m3f files to the 'M3DFormulas' directory of your Mb3D v190 (or whichever directory you have configured).
  • JIT Formula Pack and Samples 2 (of 2)  --
    Continuation of pack 1. Contains more (and not only too simple) formulas.
    You can download a zip with 10 formula files (*.m3f), and 28 parameter files (m3p) which use those formulas.

  • I have uploaded two new formulas - this time to the FractalForums, since they are related to a discussion out there:…

JIT related works of other deviants

Some members of our community have already started to test JIT formulas, or to tweak some of my formulas of the above formula pack.
I would like add a little feature.
PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I SHOULD HAVE MISSED YOU - And please tell if you know more deviants / works trying out the JIT functionality :-)

:iconthargor6: : Benesi reef 2 by thargor6  Benesi reef by thargor6  - the developer's edition :-)

:iconpamonk: : First Test JIT-sample gannjondal-pmk Test Formula by PaMonk  Stringy Swirl JIT Test Formula #2 and 5  MB3Dv190 by PaMonk

:iconglo-he: : shadow play by GLO-HE  Conservatory  wallpaper by GLO-HE

:iconradlowsky:fibration lambda4Dc by radlowsky (and some more, also in fractalforums)

:iconpupukuusikko: : Space Oddity by pupukuusikko  Cave of Julia II by pupukuusikko  Old Forest + Mandelcup WIP formula by pupukuusikko  ---  And more in his gallery.
    His formula is inspired by the recently hyped Tglad formulas (and he needed to bounce my head to see the similarity to my RiemannPower2 formulas).


  • "JIT_MyFormula formula is missing! (Check Ini-dir for formulas)" when you try to choose JIT_MyFormula from the list:
    Misleading message. Basically it means that the JIT compiler cannot compile the formula because there is an error within the formula (or because of a limitation in the compiler).
    That can happen even if the formula editor 'compilation' was successful.

  • Speed test: 
    Easiest way should be to compare the formula RealPower as delivered with Mb3D, and the formula JIT_RealPower.m3f in my formula pack 1
    You can see JIT *is* slower than Assembly code - but you can use such formulas at almost each computer where you are using the classic Mb3D formulas.


My Further Resources and Tutorials:
Basic Intro Mb3D Formula Editor and JIT Compiler
Insight Light - A M3D Lightning Tutorial
The Taming Of The Dragon  -  Journal, and overview
The Taming Of The Dragon  -  The tutorial
Quadrat3D  -  The formula pack

Journal History


gannjondal's Profile Picture
Ok. For now let's start with the very beginning.
I became addicted in fractals --- ages ago.
Probably in the early 1990s if not earlier.

Of course at that ancient times the computers did have certain limitations.
The first pictures needed a day or so for e.g. 80x60 pixels of 2 colors. Fast-escaping formulas of course.

I left the path, and came back - again and again.

At the first years it has been more interesting to manipulate formulas than to create art.
So the maximum what could result were pictures like my current ID (which is of course a manipulation).

But finally I started tough to try to bring more quality in the pictures.
So I think I should take the consequence, and go public.

No fear - I will not upload more pics from the middle ages ;-).
It just may happen that I will not be able to refrain some pics from the UF era, or some simple but unusual shapes: It seams that there are still some lovers of minimal art.

I hope I will not confuse you too much with wandering through the decades. However it may happen that there will not alwas be the newest artwork in my uploads.

I don't know whether I'm an artist - please decide for yourselves. Finally there is of course the quite hope that there are a few people who like one or another of the pics.

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